Here at Pink Whiskers we do a wide range of services for cats. Lion clips include the cats full body shaved leaving only a mane, the bottoms of their legs and a lion tail.

All grooms include eye cleaning, ear cleaning, nail clipping, de-shedding, pad shaving and perfume spray. (if you don't require any of these please tell us when you arrive)

De-matting and shaving is from £5 extra

We do not bath Persian cats due to weakness in their hearts as bathing can be stressful for cats even if they have been bathed multiple times before. Instead we offer a foam bath package for £30 where your Persian will be brushed through to remove all dead hair, nails clipped, eyes cleaned, ears cleaned, pads shaved and a foam and dry bath to remove all dirt and clean their coat plus a perfume spray to keep them smelling fresh.

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