Groom Professional Coat Repair Conditioner

To be used after shampooing whilst the coat is still damp. This conditioner adds shine and body to even the most dull, brittle coats helping it regain its strength. Also works well on long coated dogs to ease brushing. To be diluted 10:1


Mutneys Victory Hound Perfume

By basing the smell on Paco rabanne Invictus, this 50ml perfume will keep your pet smelling strong for days.


Mutneys Baby Perfume

The perfume we use when your pets leave the salon! A strong fragrance that will last for days on your pet. Made by Mutneys (50ml)

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Groom Professional Dirty Dog Shampoo

Provides a deep clean on even the dirtiest of coats, cuts through grease and dirt to leave your pets coat smelling and feeling soft and clean. To be diluted 20:1 suitable for all breeds


Groom Professional Bright White Shampoo

One of our most popular selling shampoos. By using colour enhancer (no bleach or chemicals) this shampoo removes stains from the coat and brightens the white colour. Including natural coconut oil the coat will be left in a soft clean condition which also helps to reduce dandruff. This shampoo is best suited to be used on white or light coloured dogs such as Bichon, Westie, poodle etc. To be diluted 10:1


Groom Professional Tender Puppy Kitty Shampoo

This shampoo is specifically made to be used on sensitive skins such as puppies, kittens or dogs who react to very perfumed shampoo. Even though it is fragrance free, this shampoo gives a deep gentle clean which won't remove the coats essential oils. To be diluted 10:1


Natures Groom Bamboo Undercoat Rake

Perfect for dogs with thick under coats that need removing such as German shepherds, collies, Newfoundland’s, Pomeranians. They can also be used on cats to remove dead hair!


Natures Groom Large Soft Slicker Brush

Suitable for removing all dead hair and maintaining the coat along with a comb.

Perfect for medium to long length coats from long haired chihuahuas to newfoundlands brilliant for any breed! Can also be used on cats.


Groom Professional Speed Wash

With its baby powder scent this shampoo requires no water, it can be used quickly after a walk to remove dirt or smells, or can also be used between baths to keep your pet smelling and looking clean. The foam removes oil from the coat and leaves no residue behind. No rinsing required just simply rub through your pets coat then dry off with a towel.


Groom Professional Comb

To help prevent matts, by removing all small tatts.

Two different ends for different coats to help remove any knots :) a comb is best to use with any other tool to parting the coat too get all areas

Suitable for cats and dogs! Of all long haired breeds.


Groom Professional Coat King

To remove all dead hair, unravel tough knots and remove all loose undercoat.

Suitable for dogs with long coats, such as: akitas, malamutes, German Shepard, golden retrievers, collies,huskies, Pomeranians, Saint Bernards & cats


Natures Groom De-shedding Comb

A similar tool to a furminator perfect for short coated breeds to remove dead hair such as jack Russels, Rottweilers, bulldog, chihuahuas, basset hounds, dachshunds, sharpei, French bulldogs, greyhounds, labradors, pugs, staffys etc


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