As a VIP member you will receive:

10% Off Each Salon Visit

10% Off All Salon Purchases

10% Off Our Pet Hotel

10% Off Our Pet Sitting Service

Shampoo Refills Just £6

(Just bring back your empty bottles)

Perfume Refills just £3

(Just bring back your empty bottles)

PLUS Special Monthly Offers Exclusively For VIP Customers

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By becoming a VIP member you will be entitled to:

FREE Nail Cuts, FREE Eye-Trims, FREE Ear Cleans, FREE Anal Glands

Between Full Grooms, No Appointment Needed

VIP Members also receive Grooming Add-Ons for £2.50!

These include: Teeth Brush And Descale, Nail Polish, Spa Treatments, Glitter Tattoos, Hair Dye, Flea Shampoo, Deep Conditioning Treatment

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VIP Member Terms and Conditions:

Terms & Conditions:

*appointments must be booked in advance after each salon visit within the recommended time

*If you fail to keep your appointment or go over the recommended time you will

be charged full price

*if you do not book in your next appointment you will be charged full price

*if you fail to cancel your appointment without 24 hour notice you will be charged a fee

*changing your appointments or failing to stick to your scheduled appointments more than 3 times you will be taken off the VIP members list

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